Fajr Falestine Film Collective

“Mars at Sunrise is, quite simply, an extraordinary and moving film… one of the first true indie gems to hit theaters in 2014.”
-Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Mask with tree Tears

We are a group of artists who want to create experimental, absurdist and alternative narratives about the realities of life in the Middle East. We seek to find new ways to fund and share stories from the Arab world.

Our film collective of artists produces thought provoking, experimental cinema in the Middle East while developing a new model of funding and distributing films.

This independent collective, composed of five selected film projects work as a small studio, comes together to support, promote and produce projects that are genre defiant and artistically groundbreaking.

Men in Flames

The Film Fund is managed and overseen by the Eyes Infinite Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the United States. The five artists nominated by our international panel of judges will receive funding generated by previous projects created by Fajr Falestine Film Collective in order to create an ever expanding catalog of experimental film projects.

As many of the traditional avenues for fundraising and producing independent film have disappeared or become exceptionally competitive, we aim to create a new model of self-produced, financed and distributed cinema projects in which the artists in our collective combine forces and resources to create the kind of works that are difficult to produce and distribute through traditional production structures.

We believe in the revolutionary power of cinema and storytelling to change the face of reality, to free of us from the way things currently are and to carry visions for new realities and ways of being and interacting with the world, a pathway to new visions and solutions.

CLose up Projector

The founders of Fajr Falestine Films are Jessica Habie, writer and director of Mars at Sunrise and Deema Dabis, graduate of the Middle East and North Africa Masters in Fine Art of the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts film program. The two met in a chance encounter on a bus from Haifa to Yaffa and little did they know they would embark on a project together that would fulfill ideas and dreams they had been dreaming up and conjuring separately.

The Pillars of the Fajr Falestine Film Fund will decide which films become part of the next generation of Fajr Falestine films. This is an ambitious project that seeks to support and grow a community of experimental filmmakers and artists that want to discuss important topics in new and ground breaking ways.

The Pillars of the Fajr Falestine Filmmaking Collective

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Fajr Falestine Filmmaking Collective