Filmmakers Jessica Habie and Deema Dabis Launch the Fajr Falestine Film Fund

Filmmakers Jessica Habie and Deema Dabis today announced the creation of the Fajr Falestine Film Fund, a new film fund which will support the production of groundbreaking, experimental films from the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on Palestinian films. The fund will be managed and overseen by the Eyes Infinite Foundation, a U.S. based non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the relationship between art and social change.

The Evolution of Mars at Sunrise

After making my documentaries Art and Apathy and Beyond Blue and Gray I was left feeling my work in the region was not complete. I was especially interested in the testimony of a Palestinian man named Wajee Tameise. He shared with me a story in which he found himself waiting at an Israeli checkpoint for […]

Mars at Sunrise Credits

An Eyes Infinite and Majdal Films Production Directed by Jessica Habie Mars at Sunrise is Jessica Habie’s first Feature Film. Her documentary works “Beyond Blue and Gray” and “Art and Apathy” received awards at several film festivals including Tribeca Film Festival, The Cannes Short Film Corner, and the Berlinale Talent Campus. Produced by Nirah Shirazipour Produced by Baher Agbariya Thirst (Attash) 2004, Last Days […]